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About the project

The Baltic Sea region faces environmental challenges such as eutrophication, exploitation, exposure to hazardous substances and overfishing. Many species and habitats are in urgent need of an improved environment. The Baltic coast shows similar trends as in the rest of Europe with employment concentrated in the larger towns and cities and a reduced level of services in rural areas as a result of demographic changes. Businesses, as well as human well-being, would benefit economically from an improved marine environment.

Stockholm-Åland-Turku is one of the world’s largest interconnected archipelago areas. This region reflects the challenges and opportunities that exist in northern Europe’s coastal areas. Finding innovative solutions to link ecological, social and economic sustainability in this area might therefore, in addition to improving living conditions, also benefit other regions.

The ”Three Archipelagos” project stimulates and investigates opportunities for development in Stockholm-Åland-Turku through local participation, customized analysis and needs-based development. The project aims to explore, develop, produce proposals and describe how the ecosystems and their services can support and stimulate a healthy socio-economic development in the archipelago. This is achieved through increased cooperation across countries in the Baltic Sea region.

The project will use local expertise and knowledge. The direction of the studies will be influenced by the people who live and visit the three archipelagos and the companies operating there. Therefore, the project has created an innovation cluster that takes advantage of local ideas and helps creating a network among stakeholders.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Identify and investigate the economic consequences of 9-10 sub studies on various innovations and/or social challenges for a sustainable and lively archipelago
  • Identify challenges to further development and suggest ways to overcome these
  • Creating strong networks and new partnerships

This project is run by Anthesis in cooperation with Coinnovate and Digital Riktning on behalf of the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management.

Innovation cluster

Three Archipelagos’ innovation cluster was created to provide a place for stakeholders to meet and to collect valuable information and ideas for the studies carried out in the project. We are sure that the people who live and work in the region are the ones with the best knowledge about the area. Their knowledge is essential for a successful project.

The innovation cluster therefore gathers members who have interests in the archipelago area, such as businesses, organizations, agencies, citizens and researchers. The cluster is coordinated by the project’s secretariat. Networking and knowledge exchange take place through physical meetings and online meetings.

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