Innovation management

Innovation management

Sub study 4

Three archipelagos – a collaboration for the development of unique and attractive environments

The Stockholm-Åland-Turku archipelago is one of the world’s largest interconnected archipelago areas. Through the collaboration in Threes Archipelagos, we will find innovative solutions to bring together ecological, social and economic sustainability in this area. It is primarily about improving living conditions in the area.

An important starting point for the work is that it is the people who live and stay in the archipelagos who have the knowledge, experience and ideas needed to make development and change happen. Those who want to join and develop the archipelago are welcome to participate in the work. Maybe you own or are active in a private company, but entrepreneurs with ideas are also found in other contexts, for example in public organizations or in non-profit organisations.

Development of networks and businesses

During the autumn we will be conducting a workshop with contractors of different kinds in each of the three archipelagos. We will work with concrete idea development and by gathering people from different parts of society, we will build the networks needed to make things happen. It is about development of business and tourism – and perhaps much more. The work is led by experienced innovation leaders. Here we practice the ability to innovate while working on your own development ideas. Participants will also be given the opportunity to take part in tailor-made innovation advice at no cost.

In this first workshop, which is carried out simultaneously in three places during November, one in each archipelago, we focus on the ideas contained in the cluster. The workshop is open to all people and organizations who have ideas about new products, services, working methods, etc. that affect the marine environment, water resource, water management, aquaculture or other ecosystem services. The aim is also to create new networks for collaboration and to identify common obstacles / challenges in the region.

The work will then continue through the development of teams and concepts in a second workshop, where we follow up the work that has been done since last time. We also look at the need for financing. During the second workshop we all gather in one place to facilitate networking and relationship building.

Three archipelagos is a collaborative project funded by the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management. The innovation management part of the work is carried out by Anthesis in collaboration with Coinnovate. Get in touch with or if you want more information.