Cross border meeting, FI-AX-SE

This week we participated in Cross border meeting: When planners meet, in the Gulf of Bothnia. The conference, organized through the FI-AX-SE working package within Pan Baltic Scope, took place on 17-18 September 2019 in Pori, Finland. FI-AX-SE stands for Finland, Åland and Sweden and the case comprises the waters between Sweden and mainland Finland, including the autonomous region of Åland with its archipelago.

Meeting themes:

  • Building Networks – Cross border and cross level
  • Stakeholder Involvement. Why? How? When?
  • Lessons from FIAXSE. Results and recommendations

1: Panel discussion with all presenters from day 1
2: Group work
3: Stefan Husa, Ålands landskapsregering and Tomas Andersson, SwAM/Hav
4: Saga Ekelin, project leader Tre Skärgårdar, on the way to Pori
5: Excursion to an offshore wind farm

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